I was born in Kristiansand, Norway in 1952. I spent my childhood on the family farm in Rosseland, Marnadalen and in Kristiansand before moving to Nesodden, a peninsula outside Oslo, when I was 11 years old. Surrounded by the beautiful landscape, this is the perfect place for my home, studio and gallery.

My interest for photography started in 1971 experimenting with b/w photography on positives. In the early 2000, b/w photography and darkrooms had to give way to digital photography. Landscape is closest to my heart and I travel Europe all year long, preferably with my Hasselblad camera in the baggage, and my true fascination with nature is the reason I enjoy my time with the camera so much.

My photographs is my art. It is all about recreating the subject seen through my eyes, both the mood and colours. That is why I do everything myself,  from editing to printing I make sure that all of my photos gets the right quality and care.

In 2015 one of my photographs was used as an official stamp for the Norwegian postal service when honoring Sarpsborg municipality’s 1000 year celebration.

Photographer John Aavitsland

Notable exhibitions:

  • Solo exhibition, “Galleri Snippen”, Jeløya, 2008

  • Exhibition, “Rammehuset Sør”, Sandefjord, 2009

  • Solo exhibition, “Galleri Mamen”, Rød Gård - Jeløya, 2010

  • Shared exhibition, “Kulturisten”, Nesodden, in both 2009 and 2010

  • Solo exhibition, “Galleri H11”, Høvik, 2011

  • Photographs bought by Nesodden municipality, 2011

  • Members exhibition, “Galleri Vanntårnet”, 2012

  • Solo exhibition, “Lørenskog Kunstforening - Lørenskog hus”


The last years I have had the following ratings at

  • In 2013 I was rated no. 4 out of 33500

  • In 2014 I was rated no. 7 out of 36500

  • In 2015 I was rated no. 10 out of 30000

  • In 2016 I was rated no. 4 out of 16000

  • In 2022 - Nature photographer of the year


Fixed outlets:

  • Galleri1952, my home gallery in Frogn, Nesodden, Norway

  • Bohus in Leira, Valdres, Norway

​Commissioned and product photography:


  • Voite Hydro AS

  • Commissioned by various companies for their office premises and commercial brochures in Norway, e.g. Cramo AS

  • Photos for websites and CD artwork for artist, Michelle Aavitsland

  • Product photograpy for Coca-Cola Norway, at two occations

  • Product photograpy for Cramo AS

  • Product photograpy for Norway's largest LED-distributers, Optime AS

  • Workshops

  • Magazines and calendars


Social Media and Web:

I have been extremely active on Norwegian and international websites and social media, getting millions of hits on my photos. At Russia's largest website for photographers, I am currently ranked as the no. 1 photographer. I daily get awards in various website competitions around the world and my official Facebook page currently has over 12.000 followers.